# 002 - Present perfect or past tense?

Fill in the gaps!

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

ak LogoWe (to be) at school in Eton for almost two years now. During this time we (to learn) a lot. We (to have) all the important subjects like English, German, maths or geography. Subjects like arts or physical education (to be) rather easy in the beginning, but (to become) more difficult over the last few months. We (to have) very good teachers so far. Last year, we (to have) the same teachers as this year. But our tests (to be) better then than now. Since the beginning of this year we (to be) quite lazy. We (not to do) our homework carefully and we (not to be) quiet in the lessons either. So we (not to do) well in tests this year. Last week we (to have) a test in English and the result (to be) a catastrophe. Our dear Mr Brown (to be) very angry. Since that day he (to give) us a lot of homework and we (to work) a lot. This (to be) the worst time at Eton. In the first year we (to find) everything very easy but since September it (to be) quite hard. We (to do) all the difficult grammar problems in English and German, and maths (to become) quite difficult, too. But since the beginning of the year we (to be) in a fantastic classroom. One year ago our headmaster (to decide) to give us the room in the basement. So for five months we (to be) downstairs.