#003 - Past tense or present perfect?

Fill in the gaps!

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

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where-have-you-been.gif1. I (to lose) my key, I can’t find it.
2. (you, to see) Anne yesterday?
3. I (to finish) my homework at 2 o’clock.
4. I’m ready to go swimming now. I (to finish) my homework.
5. At what time (you, to finish) your homework?
6. Sue isn’t here. She (to go) out.
7. Jim’s grandmother (to die) in 1989.
8. Where (you, to be) last night?
9. My friend is a writer. He (to write) many books.
10. We (to have) a great holiday last year.
11. I (to play) tennis yesterday afternoon.
12. At what time (you, to go) to bed last night?
13. (you, ever, to meet) a famous person?
14. The weather (not to be) very good yesterday.
15. My hair is wet. I (just, to wash) it.
16. I (to wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.
17. Kathy travels a lot. She (to visit) many countries already.
18. Where’s your brother? He (not to arrive) yet.
19. We (to paint) my room. It’s all blue now.
20. Last Saturday my parents and I (to paint) my room. It’s all blue now.