Weihnachtsstunde Englisch – Christmas lesson in English

Hier eine Idee für eine Weihnachtsstunde mit einer guten Mittelstufen- oder einer Oberststufenklasse in Englisch.

  • Die Stunde wird entweder mit mobilen Geräten (Laptops, Tablets) oder im Computerraum durchgeführt.
  • Die mündlichen Aufgabenteile gestalte ich während der Stunde aus – je nachdem, wie das Interesse ist und welche Fragen aus den Leseaufträgen kommen.

A Christmas Feast

  1. Read the short summary about the Christmas Feast in the US. If you move the cursor over the underlined words and wait for a second, you get a small tool tip with the translation.
  2. Find a partner and discuss which of the meals mentioned in the text you would like. Also talk about which dishes YOU in your family cook for Christmas. If you don’t know the words, describe the dishes.
  3. Tell us what you learned.
  4. We’re going to listen to the whole article together. You can read along [mitlesen] on this page: A Christmas Feast
  5. Read the article again at your own pace and prepare some notes to speak about what you learned and which traditions you find especially interesting and why.
  6. Do the language exercises (comprehension 1 – 4, grammar in use and vocabulary) for the article.
  7. Write a short text about a German Christmas tradition that you especially like. Explain why you like it.
  8. [if you finish early] Watch some of the videos below and be prepared to talk about them.
  9. [Homework] Study and/or revise the following vocabulary set: Christmas vocabulary


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