Whatever works for you

Marco Arment:

I choose to fit myself into most of Apple’s intended-use constraints because their products tend to work better that way, which makes my life easier. But that requires trade-offs that many people can’t or won’t make.

Previous-me tried to persuade everyone to switch to my setup, but I now know that it’s not worth the effort. I’ll never know someone else’s requirements, environment, or priorities as well as they do. I don’t know shit about Windows or Outlook or architecture.

You should use whatever works for you. And I no longer have the patience or hubris to convince you what that should be. All I can offer is one data point: what I use, and how it works for me.


Lesenswerter Artikel für alle, die von anderen um Rat in Computerdingen gefragt werden. Fast alle Aussagen stimmen für mich auch.

Für dieselbe Zielgruppe ist vielleicht auf dieses Diagramm interessant: Du bist der neue Computer-Experte hier.


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